grants for organizers of free educational offerings in the arts and humanities


The People’s Colloquium is a 501c3 nonprofit based in Portland Oregon that awards grants to organizers who provide free educational offerings in the arts and humanities either locally in Portland or available through the world wide web. These grants are intended to cover operational costs.

To qualify, please fill out a Grant Application Form (available mid-March, 2021), and email the completed form to Questions about the grant or The People’s Colloquium in general can be sent to the above email address.

We look forward to funding your free educational offering in the arts and humanities!


Events that are free to attend are oftentimes not free to provide. There are numerous possible costs, from Zoom memberships and accounts, to advertising and outreach costs, to material costs related to equipment, transportation, and rentals. Oftentimes these costs are hidden and unknown to event participants, leaving volunteer organizers on their own to cover the expenses.

Our mission is to alleviate the financial burdens so that organizers can focus on what they do best: building community, facilitating events, and promoting learning. The People’s Colloquium strives to play a small part in creating a world where anyone can learn anything, at anytime, regardless of costs and without barrier.

Starting on 3/15/2021, The People’s Colloquium has the following amount of funds to distribute. If you’re organizing free education in the arts and humanities and have unaddressed costs, we want to hear from you!


Who We’ve Helped

The People’s Colloquium has provided grants to the below groups. Check them out!

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Help fund The People’s Colloquium!

Do you appreciate what we do or benefit from participating in groups that have received funding through The People’s Colloquium? If so, please consider donating to The People’s Colloquium. We accept monthly donations through our Patreon. Our ability to support free education in the arts and humanities in part depends on your generosity. The more donations we receive, the more grants we can provide. Our nonprofit operates on a shoestring budget and is run by passionate volunteers dedicated to making sure your donations reach the people they need to. Thank you!