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Writers’ and Poets’ Goal Sheet

Writer’s and Poet’s Goal Sheet

Fill out this Goal Sheet to help the workshop’s administrators plan discussions, classes, and focus groups, and so that they can organize editors—all in order to better help you reach your goals.

You can turn in a new copy anytime you want to update us. Paper copies are available at the workshop, and electronically at https://peoplescolloquium.org/offerings-and-syllabi/.

Send complete forms to Rich at ThePeoplesColloquiumPDX@Gmail.com.


What aspects of writing and/or poetic craft do you need help with? Here are a few examples: plot, character, meter, contemporary poetry formats, etc. Please be as detailed as possible. Your answer to this question will help plan classes and discussions.




What aspects of providing a writer’s or poet’s critique do you have the most difficulty with? Your answer to this question will help plan discussions.




What sort of featured readers would you be interested in? We offer featured readers about once a month to talk about the publishing industry, their creative process as a writer and/or poet, and anything else of interest.




Do you want to work 1-on-1 with an editor who can also serve as a writing coach? If so, what kind of editing and/or coaching would you like to receive? Line-edits? Stylistic development? Conceptual? Something else?




What is your target publishing market? Traditional? Self-publishing? Other? Listing particular publications and publishing houses, or detailing a plan for self-publishing, is an excellent use for this space. This will help us plan discussions, classes, and featured readers.