The People’s Stage


The People’s Stage is an open mic and a place to share in front of a lively and engaged audience. Our Monday night stage is appropriate for displaying artwork and giving “TED-like” talks. Our Tuesday night stage is appropriate for poetry and narrative. Many participants use the Stage in order to receive audience feedback, critique, or Q&A. 

Guidelines for Participation 

Guidelines for Participation

Days and Times

  • The People’s Stage – Art and Ideas, 1 Monday every 6 weeks, 5:30pm – 7:30pm
  • The People’s Stage – Poetry and Narrative, every-other Tuesday, 8:30pm – 9:30pm


Participants are welcome to drop in as their schedules and interests allow. 



At the start of The People’s Stage, the MC takes the stage, welcomes everyone present, introduces himself/herself, and announces the night’s speeches and presentations. As time allows, between 3-7 individuals are scheduled to take the stage, each individual receiving a proportionate amount of time for a combination of their reading, speech or presentation, and the resulting Q&A, critique, and/or discussion. After the night’s performances, The MC will take the stage, thank everyone for participating, and announce the close of the night’s stage.

As part of the audience

The audience should applaud:

  • At the end of each speech or presentation
  • At the end of each Q&A, critique, and/or discussion

If you’re speaking or presenting

At the beginning of each speech or presentation, the person on stage should provide:

  • A statement of intention
  • Their goals for the speech or presentation, including whether a critique is sought (note: a critique from the audience is provided if requested)

At the end of each speech or presentation, the person on stage should:

  • Thank the audience
  • Open up the floor for Q&A, critique, and/or discussion, if desired

The MC will assist the person on stage with facilitating the Q&A, critique, and/or discussion, as needed.

Signing up to take the stage

To sign up to take the stage, please email Some speeches, readings, or presentations will be decided night-of, when openings in the stage’s schedule allow for this.