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Seminar: Postmodernity, Nihilism, Trans/Post-Humanism, Digitality/Singularity…

October 14, 2019 @ 5:15 pm - 7:15 pm

Seminar: Postmodernity, Nihilism, Trans/Post-Humanism, Philosophy of Horror, Digitality/Singularity, Speculative Realism, etc., hosted by Richard Pope and Raven Connolly

Reading assignment:

Hyperobjects, by Timothy Morton, pgs 135 – 159, “Hypocrisies.”

Given that this is a shorter read, I also expect to spend time reviewing last week’s reading, pgs 99 – 134, “The End of The World.”

Group Description:

Oh, Humanity. You wonderful, foolish, magnificent, pathetic tragicomic actor, part ape, part angel, artist strung out on her own genius …

What will become of you? Your technologies have become strange even to the hands of their makers. Your philosophers are drunk and delusional as they carelessly crack open the door of Truth’s inhospitable rooms. Your civilizations becomes unwieldy and Titanic, with many an unknown iceberg awaiting in the cold arctic waters of the void. Your very natures are in doubt just as much as they are under the constant duress of nootropic chemical evolutions, quantified re-imaginings, digital rituals, Einsteinian/Quantum-weirdness events …

Welcome to post-post-post-(ad nauseum)-modernity in the shadow of the singularity and within the light of infinity as we sickened, hairless apes manufacture and recycle our own apotheosis on a daily basis, with last week’s churn lying discarded in the trash bin next to Shakespeare, Cicero, and Heraclitus, along with the rest of post-capitalism’s manufactured obsolescence, vis-à-vis unending simulations and hyperrealities …

… and such a description could go on, and will go on, but proceeds from here rather with the companionship of others such as yourself, minds who wish to meet, discuss, rant about, and debate texts and ideas, dreams and musings, visions and psychedelia – falsities so beautiful that they sunder themselves into a million shards of glass and leave truth glittering within a pile of radiant transparencies – as we seek a better understanding of the unique times that we find ourselves thrown into, unwitting actors in a numberless act …

Readings will likely be between 20-50 pages per week, depending on the difficulty of the text and its “discussion potential.”

Upcoming readings / topics:
The Rebel, by Albert Camus

Prior readings / topics:
– Readings from HP Lovecraft
– On Alien Philosophy, R Scott Baker
– In The Dust of This Planet, Eugene Thacker


October 14, 2019
5:15 pm - 7:15 pm
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