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*NEW* Salon: Game Theory, Strange Attractors, and the Aesthetic Dimension

January 13 @ 6:30 pm - 9:00 pm

Game Theory,
Strange Attractors
and the Aesthetic Dimension

A biweekly salon,
in 6 sessions,
each in three acts

Central Text:
Finite and Infinite Games by James P. Carse

This multi-media salon is designed to stimulate intellectual discourse
and creative output through…

1. developing a shared conceptual toolkit, unbounded by discipline or specific media
2. practicing the art of discourse with a special interest in erisology, the study of disagreement
3. creating content in digital and physical mediums

1. The three primary subjects of investigation for this salon will be Game Theory, Evolutionary Biology and Complex Systems Science. We will be moving slowly through our primary text, Finite and Infinite Games, in order to ensure rigorous comprehension of concepts and mastery of terms. To develop this proficiency, examples of major concepts will be drawn from the history and dynamics of Life on Earth. We will look to find these patterns in the fruits of human-object collaboration – the built environment and all its conceptual wonders. Nothing is off-limits (human, guitar), (human, clay), (human, fossil fuels), (human, steel)… think of all the assemblages.

2. To study the art of conversation, there will be different structures for discussion. Act I will be one to one dialogue. Act II will be one to many. Act III will be a whole group discussion. Additionally, examples of excellent disagreement and conversational practice will be presented in the form of podcasts. We will also be recording our lectures and one to one conversations. We will workshop this media in order to reflect, analyse and improve our capacity to articulate nuanced ideas in dialogue.

3. In the spirit of embracing the upsides of digitality, we will be using tools afforded to us by this unique moment in time to archive and distribute our ideas. Most of us consume content, often at a high volume, without being content creators. In our media workshops, we are going to experiment with creation of artifacts as a collective. The archive of these experiments will be available to participants. This part of the salon could go in many directions that will depend on the interests, skills and enthusiasm of the participants.

This Information Session will lead participants through the form of the salon, but instead of preparing by reading assignments, we will be sharing stories centered around personal objects.

The first assignment is to wear an item or bring a small object with a particular story. Examples could be a cherished book, a fossil picked up on a childhood road trip, a grandmothers ring, a paintbrush, something you have carried for a long time, or something brand new…

Question this object.
how was it made,
where has it come and gone, how has it come to you?
Has it ever been lost?
is it one of many clones,
it is it a piece of something bigger, is it complete?
what do you not know about it that you wish to know?
what of these things are possible to find out?
what is not?

As for logistics,
there will be food and wine provided (bring your own beer).
Location is still tentative, but will be in the SE Belmont/ Mt. Tabor area.

Looking forward to meeting you all! Happy New Year!

Maps for the territory:
History of Science, Art and Technology
Complex Systems Science
Speculative Realism
Conceptual Poetry
Hypermodernity and Digitality
Game B
Rationality/ Post Rationality
Accelerationism/ Deaccelerationsim
Weird Studies
Dark Ecology


January 13
6:30 pm - 9:00 pm
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5441 SE Belmont St
Portland, OR 97215 us
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