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Journey To Publishing, with Brennah Hale

September 17 @ 5:25 pm - 6:55 pm

Each of the following classes is part of a 6 class series called “Journey to Publishing,” taught by Brennah Hale. You’re welcome to attend particular classes with topics of interest to you or the entire series, as you see fit. All are welcome and all classes are entirely free.

About the Instructor:
Brennah Hale is a recent graduate from the MA Book Publishing program at Portland State University. In her studies, she focused on book marketing and book editing. She is currently pursuing a career in marketing and events, but during her free time, she freelances as a book marketer and book editor. Brennah has worked with self-publishing authors, as well as small publishing houses including IT Revolution and Imbrifex Books. For more information about the instructor, check out her website: brennahhale.com.

September 17th
Developmental Editing: The Beginning of a Manuscript’s Journey to Publishing

You’ve just completed a draft of your manuscript. You’ve read it through and made change after change, addition after addition, cut after cut. Now what? It’s time for a developmental edit. Today’s publishing process can be somewhat confusing, especially when it comes down to the editorial process. This class will focus on what authors and writers should know about the editorial side of publishing, specifically with a developmental edit. A developmental edit is the first stage of editing that a manuscript will undergo. A developmental editor will look at overarching elements covering anything within the structure, language, and narrative of your story. By understanding the author’s main goal and vision for the project and tying in knowledge of the industry, genre, audience, and market, a developmental editor works with you to “develop” your manuscript to its best possible form.

September 24th
Copyediting: Polishing your Manuscript on the Journey to Publishing

You’ve wrapped up your developmental edit and made the appropriate changes. Your draft is in its most completed form, and you’re ready to complete the editorial process. It’s time for a copyedit! After a developmental edit has been completed on a manuscript, the book then enters into the next stages of the editorial process: a copyedit. A copyeditor will look for grammatical errors, inconsistencies, line-level matters, and even sensitive language. There are three levels of copyediting, light, medium, and heavy. Each depend on the manuscript’s level of writing and the amount of changes necessary. A copyeditor will be able to gauge which level a manuscript needs by reading over a few sample pages.

October 1st
Social Media Branding: An Author’s Role in the Journey to Publishing

Your manuscript is in the hands of your editor, you’re in the submission process with publishers, or you’re simply working at building your own author brand. But, how? Social media is a huge asset in today’s publishing industry and can create a readership for you at the tip of your fingers. Social media is vastly growing in marketing opportunities, brand awareness, and consumer popularity. This makes it one of the most accessible and successful ways of building a personal brand—and every author should take advantage of it. There are many social media platforms that are free and easy to use that today’s readers are using every day. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Goodreads, to name a few. By developing a presence online, you are allowing yourself and your upcoming book to become more visible and available for potential consumers. Not only that, but publishers love to see an established digital platform and following from potential authors.


September 17
5:25 pm - 6:55 pm
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