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Volunteer Agreement Form

Volunteer Agreement Form

The Volunteer Agreement Form is currently in version 1.0.

Future versions will be powered by your input, so please suggest the changes you feel appropriate.

Thank you for volunteering at The People's Colloquium!


The People's Colloquium is a nonprofit that offers community education in the arts and humanities. Our mission is to serve our members and participants in the following ways.

  • to nurture creativity and critical thought
  • to develop artistic technique
  • to increase knowledge
  • to aid in career development in the arts and humanities
  • to prepare for further education, if sought
  • to unite meaningful connections
  • to save money by sharing perspective, knowledge, and skills

The role of a volunteer

The People's Colloquium is a volunteer-driven organization, meaning that volunteers such as yourself play a critical role in all aspects of the nonprofit's operations. This includes organization, scheduling, curricula, outreach, fundraising, and more.

Being a volunteer means that you accept responsibility for an aspect of The People's Colloquium's operations. Accordingly, the role should be approached with diligence and commitment.

Volunteer support and appreciation

As a volunteer, your contributions are essential to The People's Colloquium and highly appreciated.

  • Volunteer support. Whenever you need support or guidance with your volunteer work, please reach out to one or all of the following:
    • Co-Volunteer(s):
    • Volunteer Coordinator:
    • Executive Director: Rich @
  • Volunteer appreciation. First and foremost, let us know your needs! We want to make this an enjoyable experience for you as well as a fulfilling one.


This section will be filled out between the volunteer, Volunteer Coordinator, and/or Executive Director. Responsibilities should be outlined in a step-by-step manner that makes it clear the specific actions for the volunteer to take and with what frequency. Each time responsibilities are changed or clarified, this section should be updated.








Milestones, goals, and deadlines

This section is for defining and describing goals, milestones, and deadlines. Note that if goals, milestones, or deadlines are missed, volunteer responsibilities may be revoked or reassigned. This section may also include a figure—for example, “6 months” or “1 year”—that defines the length of this agreement.