The People's Stage


The People's Stage is an open mic and a place to share in front of a lively and engaged audience. Our Tuesday night stage is appropriate for poetry and narrative. Many participants use the Stage in order to receive audience feedback, critique, or Q&A. We occasionally feature recently published writers and poets.

Guidelines for Participation

Guidelines for Participation

Days and Times

  • The People's Stage - Poetry and Narrative, Tuesdays, 8:30pm - 9:30pm


Participants are welcome to drop in as their schedules and interests allow.

Members and committed participants are encouraged to follow a weekly or every-other-week participation schedule.

If a participant must miss a meeting that they have signed up to attend, that participant should let administration know of their absence by emailing



Around 8:30pm, the MC takes the stage, welcomes everyone present, introduces himself/herself, and announces the night’s speeches and presentations. Up to 5 individuals will be scheduled to take the stage during each meeting, each individual receiving a proportionate amount of time for a combination of their reading, speech, or presentation, and the resulting Q&A, critique, and/or discussion. At 9:30pm, The MC will take the stage, thank everyone for participating, and announce the close of the night's stage.

As part of the audience

The audience should applaud:

  • At the end of each speech or presentation
  • At the end of each Q&A, critique, and/or discussion

If you're speaking or presenting

At the beginning of each speech or presentation, the person on stage should provide:

  • An artist's statement
  • Relevant context necessary to understand their speech or presentation
  • Their goals for the speech or presentation, including whether a critique is sought (note: a critique from the audience will only be provided if requested)

At the end of each speech or presentation, the person on stage should:

  • Thank the audience
  • Open up the floor for Q&A, critique, and/or discussion, if desired

The MC will assist the person on stage with facilitating the Q&A, critique, and/or discussion, as needed.

Signing up to take the stage

To sign up to take the stage, please email Some speeches, readings, or presentations will be decided night-of when openings in the stage's schedule allow for them. Priority will be given to those who are signed up to attend The People’s Stage as a member.