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The People's Stage


The People’s Stage is a stage for sharing artwork, philosophy, and more, that’s open to all visual artists, philosophers, story-tellers, poets, comedians, and other spoken word artists, who want to share their art or speak their words, and engage with an active audience in a community workshop environment.

Guidelines for Participation

Guidelines for Participation

Days and Times

Thursdays, 7:00-9:00pm, meets on an every-other-week schedule.

The People’s Stage is right for you if:

You want to get on stage and share artwork or words, or if you want to attend a community workshop and engage with those who take the stage.

Submission Guidelines

Participants are welcome to submit digital replicas or scripts for review at The People's Stage's Member's Forum. While not mandatory, this is suggested for those who want closer feedback on the content of which their presentations/performances are based.

Workshop Structure

Individually, presentations/performances can be 15 minutes in duration or less; discussions can also be 15 minutes in duration or less; and in aggregate, each person who takes the stage is welcome to 25 minutes.

The schedule of presentations/performances is decided the night-of, but an individual can also schedule in advance by emailing

Audience members should applaud after each presentation/performance, and at the end of each discussion.

Presentations and Performances

At 7:00pm, the MC takes the stage, introduces himself/herself, welcomes everyone, and announces the night’s presentations/performances.

At the beginning of each presentation/performance, the person on stage should provide: (1) an artist's statement, (2) relevant context, (3) their goals for the performance, (4) and/or anything else that the audience should be made aware.

At the end of each presentation/performance, the person on stage should thank the audience and then open up the floor for discussion (that is, if they would like to engage in a follow-up discussion, though this is not mandatory). The MC will assist the person on stage with facilitating the discussion, as needed.


Each participant in the discussion should be familiar with the Guidelines for Participation, which covers the methods and intentions for discussions at The People's Colloquium.

The purpose of our discussions at The People's Stage include:

  • To seek clarifications from the person on stage regards their presentation/performance
  • To provide feedback on presentation/performance
  • To converse with the person on stage regards the content of their presentation/performance

Written Feedback

Members are welcome to fill out a "People's Stage: Feedback Worksheet" and hand it to the MC at the end of the evening. These anonymous worksheets will then be forwarded to the presenter/performer.

The "People's Stage: Feedback Worksheet" ask the following questions:

(1) How do you rate the overall presentation/performance?

(2) How do you rate the presentation/performance's content? (visuals provided or words spoken, etc.)

(3) How do you rate the presentation/performance itself? (presence, clarity, etc.)?

(4) Does the presentation/performance have a recognizable audience? In your estimation, how successful is the presentation/performance in connecting to that audience?