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The People’s Ink—Tuesdays


The People's Ink—Tuesdays is a writer's workshop that offers critique groups, discussion groups, writing groups, and focus groups.

This workshop is appropriate for writers of contemporary fiction, realism, essay, memoir, and poetry.

Guidelines for Participation

The People’s Ink is right for you if

  • You’re looking to join a diverse, respectful, and warm community of writers.
  • You’re looking for a writer’s workshop that emphasizes a close reading of critique submissions and discussion materials in advance to meetings.
  • You’re looking for critiques and discussions that are open and analytical, where everyone gets a say, and which are facilitated by experienced writers, as necessary.

Days and Times

The People’s Ink meets twice per week. Each meeting has a different focus.

  • Tuesday, 7:00-8:30pm, for contemporary fiction, realism, essay, memoir, and poetry
  • Wednesday, 7:00-8:30pm, speculative fiction, science-fiction and fantasy, and genre fiction

Wednesday’s Syllabus


Participants are expected to follow either a weekly or every-other-week attendance commitment.

If a participant must miss a meeting that they have signed up to attend, that participant should let administration know of their absence by emailing

Submission Guidelines

  • Submissions should: be a .doc, .docx, or .pdf, double-spaced, with 12-14 sized font, and page-numbered.
  • Submissions should be posted by the Saturday preceding the Tuesday meeting.

Workshop Structure

Community Groups

  • Community Prose Critique Groups—Critique based meeting for contemporary fiction, realism, essay, and memoir; 10,000 word submission length cap; critiques scheduled weeks or months in advance; facilitated; 5-8 participants per Community Critique Group; 1-3 Community Critique Groups scheduled for each Tuesday; for every 4 attendances in the Community Groups, that participant is welcome to submit their writing for critique once in the Community Critique Groups
  • Community Poetry Critique Group—Critique based meeting for poetry; 1,000 word submission length cap; critiques scheduled weeks or months in advance; facilitated; 5-10 participants per Community Poetry Group; 1 Community Poetry Group scheduled for each Tuesday; poetry discussions occasionally scheduled in addition to critiques; for every 3 attendances, that participant is welcome to submit their poetry once in the Community Poetry Critique Group
  • Community Discussion Group: Theory—Discussion based meeting with topics pertaining to theory and related; syllabus provided for each discussion; facilitated; 5-10 participants per Community Discussion Group; 0-1 Community Discussion Groups scheduled for each Tuesday
  • Community Free Writing—Activity based meeting: write with others; open to drop-in attendance; no facilitator and no writing prompts; 1 Community Free Writing Group scheduled for each Tuesday

Focus Groups

Focus Groups are critique groups composed of participants who demonstrate a high level of dedication to their writing, who share a literary interest or intention (a "focus"), and who have agreed to meet together for 6 months or longer. New Focus Groups start once every 1-3 months. Inclusion is open to anyone who has 5 or more attendances in the Community Groups.

Additionally, Focus Groups share the following features:

  • Participants collectively determine the focus group’s structure including word count cap for submissions, whether to include literary discussions between critiques, and more.
  • Many (but not all) Focus Groups are closed, meaning that once the focus group begins, no new participants may join.
  • Focus Groups use a rotation based system of critiques, e.g., writer one submits on week one, writer two submits on week two, writer three submits on week three, etc., and once the rotation has been completed, it repeats.
  • Written feedback is encouraged but not mandatory. However, written feedback is mandatory whenever a participant misses a meeting. Feedback should take the form of a 1 page reflection. Line-by-line edits are welcome but not mandatory.

Select Facilitator Profiles

Our facilitators are chosen for their experience, education, and most importantly, their ability to effectively guide workshop discussions.

Select facilitator profiles:

  • Dave M—Dave facilitates in the Community Poetry Group. He believes the aim of every critique is to answer the questions: “What is the poet’s intended goal? And does the poet accomplish their goal within their poetry?” In July 2016, Dave released his first poetry chapbook EdotGDot (The Way I Would Have Said it the Second Time), its theme: speaking to the elusive and iterative qualities of meaning. Dave earned a B.A. in English from Portland State University and a M.A. in Teaching from the University of Portland. For a living, he teaches middle and high school students in a wide range of humanities topics. Poetry aside, Dave’s creative interests include short stories, flash fiction, and musical composition.
  • Taylor Z—Taylor enjoys engaging in lively discussion about both the business and practice of creative writing. A published fiction novelist, Taylor has a personal library full of history, science, and current events books, including a small collection of first-edition travelogues and antique maritime publications. He's the author of two adventure-thriller novels (The Wrecking Crew, Blank Slate Press, 2016, and Red Sun Rogue, Blank Slate Press, 2017), with others in various stages of development. You can check out his books on Amazon here. Taylor earned his Bachelor's degree from Western Washington University, but prefers you not ask about his major or the ratio of time he spent studying to mountain biking. Fun fact: Taylor holds a rather unusual world record. Ask him about it when you meet him in person!