The People’s Dialogue: Academic Discussions


Our goal is to explore a range of ideas with a group of thoughtful individuals. Discussions are held two times a week, and each lasts for 1.5 hours. Discussions fall into a tract: (1) Mondays, arts and humanities, and (2) Tuesdays, literary theory and craft. No education or experience is necessary in order to participate, only a mindset that will allow for positive and productive engagement with the other discussants.

Guidelines for Participation

Guidelines for Participation


Participants are welcome to attend those discussions most relevant to their interests or those that work best for their schedules.

Members of The People’s Colloquium are encouraged to participate in discussions on a weekly or every-other-week basis.


Syllabi are posted on our member’s forums and on


Syllabus-based Discussions: Discussion based on a syllabus provided by the discussion facilitator; around 15 participants per discussion; past and potential upcoming topics include: “Shock Factor: Art That Offends,” “The Fictive Dream Versus Blind Imaginations,” “Open Forum on Biotechnology and The Future,” and “The Fermi Paradox: Exploring the Explanations.”

• Book Discussions: Discussion based on a book or other reading and a syllabus provided by the discussion facilitator; 5-10 participants per discussion; 1 book discussion per month, usually speculative fiction; past book discussions have included Dune, by Frank Herbert; Ice, by Anna Kavan; Solaris, by Stanislaw Lem.