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    Below, please find syllabi for our January 14th discussion and lecture. Typically these resources are posted 2 weeks in advance.

    Theory, Criticism, and Society: 10/2018 – 3/2019
    During this semester, we’ll explore ideas from theory and criticism focusing on art, literature, music, and culture, with the further intention of applying such ideas to the creation and organization of society. Our goal is to deepen our understanding of theory and criticism, and to broaden our perspective of the world we live in—and the possibilities open to us.

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    Kellye M
    Kellye M

    Lecture: Queer Horror: Homosexuality and the Horror Film

    This lecture will be focused on Harry M. Benshoff’s conception of the “monster queer” as it relates to homosexuality and horror, defining queerness along the same lines as the monstrous other in terms of its ambiguity. We will also be considering queerness through the aesthetic movements of “camp” and “kitsch” and how those dovetail horror films in terms of their artistic commitments. Additionally, we will be considering how homosexuals and communism became conflated in the mid-twentieth century and how that had an impact on monster films. Ultimately, I will be making the case that horror is a “queer” genre of film in terms of how monstrosity is theorized, how heterosexuality is repeatedly interrupted by the monster, and how certain aesthetic sensibilities code horror films with a queer lens.

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    Daude T
    Daude T


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