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Seminar: The Greeks and Modernity

July 22 @ 3:00 pm - 5:00 pm

Seminar: The Greeks and Modernity, hosted by Michael McGettigan, ABD

Reading recommendation: Schmitt pp.201-215: Beginning to look at knowledge from a Platonic-Aristotelian perspective. Principle of Non-Contradiction!

I loved how fine grained our review was last week everyone! Thank you for your passionate commitment to what this text is trying to make clear to us: that the epistemological air we breathe is noxious and undermines what it is supposed to achieve, namely make sense of what knowledge is, what its limits are, and why what we call “knowledge” nowadays inevitably leads to impasses, which are always the sign that our assumptions are wrong.

For a copy of the reading or if you have questions, please email Michael at mmcget1@gmail.com.

This group will explore the relation to Greek thought and the modern era by looking at texts that view Greek thought as a corrective to the ills of modernity, as well as texts that view modernity as representing true progress over Greek thought. We will first look more closely at Greek thought to distinguish it from popular and widespread misconceptions, thereby comprehending why philosophy exists and what it is supposed to be. Afterwards we will look at authors such as Nietzsche, Heidegger, Foucault, Auerbach, Arendt, Strauss, Macintyre and others whose diagnosis of modernity’s shortcomings and virtues are nourished by their respective return to Greek origins.

If you want out of the cave you will have to lose your attachment to shadows.


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