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Readings in Empiricism, Analytic Philosophy, and the Philosophy of Science

June 15 @ 5:30 pm - 7:30 pm

Readings in Empiricism, Analytic Philosophy, and the Philosophy of Science, hosted by Allan K. and Michael S.

For electronic copies of the reading assignments or questions about the group, please email Allan K @kachelme@gmail.com.

Reading assignment: David Hume, “Enquiry concerning human understanding”, sections 4, 5, and 7, and Karl Popper, “Conjectures and refutations”, chap. 1. Hume focuses on cause, belief, and necessity, while Popper critiques Hume’s psychologism. For those who like a little more science with their philosophy, I’ve added a Nature article on invariance of natural laws, Allan Lindh, “Did Popper solve Hume’s problem”.

Group description: Join us every-other Saturday at 5:30pm for an exploration of science, from its origins to its modern developments, as voiced not only in the writings of those who have philosophized about science, experience, and knowledge, but also in the voice of the scientists themselves. This foray in reading and discussion will inevitably take us deep into empiricism and rationalism, as well as into the nature of objectivity, role of language and logic, and, not least, how we collectively come to agreement on what is true.


Rendez Vous Off Belmont
817 SE 34th Ave
Portland, OR 97214 us
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