2017 People's Colloquium Anthology: Call for Submissions

Call for Submissions—2017 Anthology

The People’s Colloquium welcomes local poets, writers, and visual artists to join our community workshops and submit for publication in this collaborative anthology.




This anthology will include poetry, essays, short stories, and visual art.


An exploration of living in Portland Oregon in contemporary times.


We’re looking for submissions that raise and address the following questions:

What do the people of Portland, its individuals, and its tribes strive for? What are their struggles? Why do they do what they do? Why do they go where they go? What is the nature of their relationships? What is their destiny, and how do contemporary times shape that destiny?

When asked to translate the anthology’s theme into keywords and key-phrases, contributors thought of the following: weather, vulnerability, subversion, identity, values and progressive values, our city in its connection with other cities and places, small moments, observations expanded to represent larger themes, the forces controlling our lives … and bikes. This list will be expanded overtime.

We encourage Portland references and time/place signifiers to establish the “Portlandness” of submissions, but they aren’t necessary. It’s perfectly fine to offer abstractions, be speculative, and to evoke various stylizations that mask realism.

Submission Process

1) Create → 2) First Critique → 3) Envision and Revise → 4) Second Critique → 5) Revise and Submit

All anthology submissions must receive two critiques, though more may be required, as decided by the editors. These critiques will be provided by other artists, writers, and poets submitting to the anthology, and will serve as peer reviews in order that submissions reach their highest potential. All critiques will also be attended by at least one anthology editor.

The process of creation-to-submission will last between 12-16 weeks with regular workshop attendance required during that time. All are welcome to participate in more workshops than the minimum if they wish. 

Critiques days/times:

  • Prose, essays and poetry critiques shall be held on Tuesday evenings from 7:00pm - 8:30pm with The People’s Ink, a creative writing workshop.

How to submit:

To submit, please email ThePeoplesColloquiumPDX@gmail.com. Title your email: “Anthology 2017: Submission by your name.”

Submission Selection Process:

Submissions will be selected by the editors based upon the following criteria:

  • Quality and character, meaning submissions that standout because of their effect or honesty.
  • Diversity, meaning that submissions come from varying perspectives.
  • Complimentary, meaning submissions form a cohesive whole.
  • Universality, meaning submissions serve to inform and enlighten their intended audience.

Regarding Complimentary, we encourage submitting writers and artists to think of an anthology as a choir, and each submission as a voice in that choir. All voices must sing together in harmony in order to create a pleasing musical experience for its listeners. That said, while we’re looking for harmony, there is plenty of room for solo performances.


  • Submissions accepted into the anthology will be made available to potential contributors to review.
  • The length of the anthology is a consideration when selecting submissions. For this reason, some submissions may not make it into the print version of the anthology, and instead will be featured either online or in the expanded edition. This is especially likely for prose submissions over 5,000 words in length.
  • The editorial staff may submit their own writing or artwork for inclusion in the anthology. If they do so, they will be held to the same standards as others. An editor does not get to decide on whether their own submission is included in the anthology—that decision is up to the rest of the editors.


The editorial staff consists of the following:

  • Executive editor: Shannon St. Hilaire
  • Richard Pope
  • Josuee Hernandez
  • David Midkiff
  • Tim Rollins
  • Kristen MacDonald

Those contributors who have artwork, writing, or poetry accepted into the anthology are invited to join the editorial board. Extra duties include: attending critiques, casting votes on submissions, and attending editor meetings.

Submitting editors will be listed here as they are selected:


Our process will last from March 2017 until November 2017, with a release date expected for December 2017.

Submissions will be reviewed by the editorial board on the following days, with announcements regarding submission acceptances no more than 14 days following.

  • First review, 7/20
  • Second review, 9/20
  • Final review, 11/20

Getting Started:

Whether you're new or already active member of The People’s Colloquium, to get started with the anthology email us at ThePeoplesColloquiumPDX@gmail.com.


Q: Do submissions have to be nonfiction or autobiographical?

A: No, they don’t have to be either. The submission may be fiction, abstract expressionism, speculative, or another deviation from realism, so long the submission includes or addresses this anthology’s theme.

Q: How political can my submission be?

A: We live in political times and politics will almost certainly play a role in some submissions. That said, we're not looking to include overtly political screeds—there are better publication outlets for such works. While politics are important, we also want this anthology to reveal the dimensions of our lives and experiences that aren’t political, of which there are many.

Q: Can we arrange for visual art to accompany a written submission?

A: Yes. Visual art may either stand alone or accompany a written submission. Visual artists looking for prompts may take them from written submissions already accepted for the publication; alternatively, poets and writers are welcome to use a piece of visual art already accepted for publication as a prompt.

Q: Are multiple submissions from one person allowed?

A: Yes, but an individual must still plan to go through the submission process in full for each submission. In practice, this will limit the amount that any one person can submit.